Journal Publications

“Privacy in Australia from Federation to Framework - Will the notifiable data breach regime breathe new life?” (2018) 46 Australian Bar Review 316

“Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) – A thirty year long haul” (2016) 41 Australian Bar Review 1

“Competition Law in Australia under Review – Anti-trust reforms in the Age of Asia, Ageing & the Digital Revolution” (2015) 36 European Competition Law Review 131

“Australia’s National Broadband Network:  A Cybersecure Critical Infrastructure?” (2014) 30 Computer Law and Security Review 699

“The Influence of Professor J. H. Wigmore of Evidence Law in Australia” (2014) 19(1) The International Journal of Evidence and Proof 1

“Expert Evidence in Australia: A more transparent path post-Dasreef”” (2014) 33 Civil Justice Quarterly 412

“Concurrent and Court-Appointed Experts – From Wigmore’s “Golgotha” to Woolf’s “Proportionate Consensus”” (2013) 32 Civil Justice Quarterly 493

“Corporate Social Responsibility, the Business Judgment Rule & Human Rights in Australia - Warm Inner Glow or Warming the Globe?” (2012) 38 Monash University Law Review 148

“Expert Evidence in the Digital Age in Australia” (2012) 31 Civil Justice Quarterly 216

“e-Risks and Insurance in the Information Age” (2011) 24 New Zealand Universities Law Review 550

“Anti-competitive arrangements in Australia – the Devil is in the detail Down Under” (2011) 32 European Competition Law Review 379

“Regulating the Information Age – How will we cope with technological change?” (2010) 33 Australian Bar Review 119

“The Workplace of the Future – Liability Issues and Risk Management” (2008) 1 International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry 363

Research Projects

Key Researcher & Research Programme Leader, Cybersecurity Co-operative Research Centre (CyberCRC) bid 2013-2015 (consortium bid value AU$70 million)

Academic Participant, University of Adelaide European Centre for Global Affairs, European Commission Service for Foreign Policy Instruments - Developing the Network of EU Centres in Australia and New Zealand, 2014 (€800,000)

Awardee, University of Adelaide Faculty of the Professions, Fellows for the Future and Category 1 Support Fund, 2014-2015

Awardee, University of Adelaide Faculty of the Professions Momentum Fund Research Grant, 2013

Report to the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy entitled “A study of the privacy, security and identity management implications of cloud computing for home users and small to medium enterprises”, Convergent Communications Research Group, University of Adelaide, 2010 ($60,000)